Preliminary Work for Invisalign

Preliminary Work for Invisalign

Preliminary work before any treatment is necessary so that the outcome can bring the best function, health, and beauty. 


– An examination will assess your mouth to identify any pre-existing oral issues.

– If there are any gum issues, they need to be cured before starting treatment.

– If there are other detrimental oral issues, they have to be addressed so that the Invisalign process can go smoothly.

– If the teeth require restorative work, the patient will be advised to make it the first priority. Similarly, if teeth extraction is required, it’ll be carried out beforehand. However, many dentists can combine Invisalign with required orthodontic treatment.

– But in some cases, the dentist might suggest going for restorative work afterward. It all depends on the situation. 

The planning of Invisalign treatment is crucial. 




The Invisalign brand is consistently evolving as more research is being done. The treatment results are getting better and better. This is obviously not found in other aligners. Invisalign is made of a specific patented thin material that maintains the rigidity longer as compared to other conventional aligners. 

It is constructed with SmartTrack which required 4 years of manufacturing. No other aligner involves this material. This improves the accuracy of the procedure and predictability of treatment. 

Great progress and improvements

Align Technology has been working for more than 20 years. This revolutionary company has supplied tons of Invisalign aligners and fixed the smiles of misaligned teeth. With time, Invisalign has seen significant improvement. In the early days, it was known to only cure minor tooth issues but it now can fix almost as many conditions as braces. 

A lot of research has been invested in Invisalign to guarantee that its results are detail-oriented and accurate. All this means that Invisalign is a highly trustworthy product that is designed to ensure the best reassurance and support.